Why sellers choose us!

Deciding to sell your interests is one thing. How to go about divesting your asset is something else altogether. Setting a price, advertising, negotiating with a prospective buyer, and a host of legal and financial details need to be addressed.  Our unique marketing process produces a range of offers for your assets, so you can choose the deal you prefer. The first step to getting offers is getting noticed.

Simon Energy screens all buyers to determine their financial qualifications. Because we work with each potential buyer to discover their unique criteria (deal size, interest type, geographic location), the prospects that we contact are genuinely interested in your deal.  No other Energy A&D firm takes your interests to market the way we do. We market your company directly to thousands of targeted, prospective buyers.

Actually, only a percentage of people who inquire about a particular interest eventually purchase the deal. While this can be maddening if you try to sell your interests alone, it's a tremendous opportunity if you are working with
Simon Energy. Since we receive dozens of inquiries each day, the fact that your divestment is listed with Simon Energy increases the likelihood of finding a buyer early in the selling process.

Here are just a few of our competitive advantages:

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